Fitness Centre Recovery Grant

At LEDSnaps we are acutely aware of the financial strain the government lockdown has put on our industry and we want to stand with our customers in the industry and offer help. This is precisely why we have created a grant to help support fitness centres and Gyms as they transition back to a sustainable operating model through 2021.

A recent feature published in HCM showed that Gyms could increase their memberships by over 50% by offering an immersive element to their studio classes. Lighting systems comprise a large part of this immersive feature and here at LEDSnaps we have developed core technology to bring a plug & play system to the fitness market, with no complicated installation or computer programming required.

We have opened applications though our website and will donate a complete LEDSnaps system to the fitness centre we think would benefit the most from having the lighting system based on their application. Applications can only be made via this website and the deadline is 12PM on 31st of October. We will be announcing the grant beneficiary/ grantee live on the 19th of November, and the successful applicant will receive their LEDSnaps system within 4 weeks from that date.

Let us help you on your road to success. Add atmosphere, add members, add retention with LEDSnaps!

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    We are looking to help individual businesses to boost their member retention and recruit new members through the lighting grant.

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    As part of the agreement in this application LEDSnaps Ltd agrees to:

    • Donate one complete lighting system.
    • Perform on-site installation.

    The applicant agrees to the following:

    • Ensure the appropriate electrical requirements.
    • Post pictures/videos/other media files and credit LEDSnaps (tag/mention/etc.) on their social media including Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook of the lighting system in action with a class running each week for 12 weeks commencing after the installation date.
    • Allow LEDSnaps to take pictures/videos of the lighting system in action during regular fitness classes.
    • Allow LEDSnaps to post/repost/use pictures/videos/other media files of the lighting system in action during regular fitness classes on their website, social media (including Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook) or for any relevant marketing purposes.
    • Ask its members what they think of the system (if it enhances the class etc) and give this feedback to LEDSnaps LTD.
    • LEDSnaps will be able to get direct feedback from the fitness instructors who use the system.

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