Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions which can hopefully help resolve any queries you may have. 

Can I change the lighting sequences after it has been installed?

Yes, simply sign up to our subscription service and you will receive new lighting moods on an SD card that you simply plug into the control box. 

Are there any financing options available?

Yes, you can pay weekly or monthly via a finance provider we have linked up with. Contact us for more information on how this works. 

Can I add to the system once its installed?

Yes, we sell add on packs so that you can grow your lighting system over time.

Does the system connect with the audio system?

LEDSnaps accepts a standard 3.5mm audio input so it can be connected directly with your audio system or it can be used with the external microphone supplied. 

Do you need an installer to fit it?

The Driver Unit needs to be connected to a 32A MCB which any competent electrician can provide.  The physical installation of the LEDSnaps components can be carried out by any competent contractor, usually either an electrician or audio-visual engineer. 

What is the power consumption?

This depends on the system configuration (the more units the higher the consumption). The power consumption of a single Pace 1200 unit is 17.2w. 

How easy is it to use the control panel?

We have our own app embedded into the wall mounted control panel that has been designed with input from fitness class instructors to be easy to understand and use.

How does this system fit onto a ceiling that has lots of air-conditioning ducts, lights and brackets already fitted on?

We have designed LEDSnaps with multiple fixing methods, one of which is a suspended wire system which allows the Pace 1200 fixture to hang lower than or in-between the infrastructure you have. 

Can this system work in a small spin room with a suspended ceiling?

Yes, we have a bespoke fixing kit that simply “snaps” into place on your suspended ceiling. If you think your room is too small for our main system, talk to one of our designers who will tailor a system specific for your room size. 

How do the effects differ between the various moods(modes?) on the controller for Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Spin?

The yoga lighting has 10 different colours to offer ambience to your class. Pilates has a more fluid colour change between the strips at around 60-80BPM. Cardio has effects that pulse through the strips at around 100-120bpm and Spin has dynamic effects that react directly to the BPM being played in the class with digitally inspired and choreographed effects.