Product Information

LEDSnaps is supplied as a complete system including the Pace 1200 LED lighting fixtures, a Driver Unit that connects to the Pace 1200’s and a wall mounted Control Panel from which the user can choose from different lighting effects to match the mood of the class. The panel instructs the Driver Unit which immersive lighting sequence to run. The package also includes all the necessary control cables and hardware to install the system on the types of ceilings most commonly found in gyms and fitness studios. An electrician will simply need to run power to the Driver Unit and attach the Pace 1200 lighting fixtures to the ceiling. 

What's in the box

LEDSnaps comes with everything you need to get your lighting system up-and-running. You will need an electrician or any other qualified person to hang the lights, attach the controller to a suitable wall and run the power to the system. Then, you are ready to go!  

The box contains bespoke accessories for the type of ceiling of your choice. The controller is already programmed with lighting cues for some of the most popular classes. 

We can customise the lighting effects to suit the style of classes you run or even your companies corporate colours

PACE 1200

One linear LED fixture is 1.2 mtrs long and weighs 1.2kg. Each unit has 72 programmable RGB LEDs that enable the system to generate different colours and immersive effects. 

Driver Unit

The Wi-Fi enabled Driver Unit is the heart of the LEDSnaps system. It is designed to be mounted on a wall out of sight and has 8 outputs. Each output can, in theory, run up to 10 Pace 1200 fixtures. You can update your lighting sequences by subscribing to our quarterly update service. Each quarter we will send you aSD card with new effects to have your classes always showing fresh immersive effects. 

LED Snaps - Driver Box

Control Panel

The wall mounted Control Panel has a full colour display and connects wirelessly to the Driver Unit. We have already paired the control panel to the driver box to save you time during the installation. 

The Control Panel has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The class instructor can select the mood and adjust the brightness of the chosen colour as well as the speed of the effect for more up-tempo classes. 

LED Snaps - Tablet Control

Patent Pending

The LEDSnaps system and specifically the Pace 1200 lighting bar feature a number of innovations that include a unique ceiling fixing system and integrated push fit mains connectors. These innovations enable simple, safe and fast installation and are considered so unique that a patent has been applied for the methodology used.

Easy to Install

Traditionally, lighting systems like this would take many days to install by specialised technicians LEDSnaps is plug-and-play and can be up-and-running in a few hours with local nonspecialised labour. 

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