LEDSnaps is Easy to Install

Traditionallythis type of lighting systems would take many days and specialised technicians to install. However, here at LEDSnaps, we have designed our system to be plug and play which means it can be upandrunning in a few hours using local nonspecialised labour.  


. Existing suspended ceiling

LEDSnaps simply “snaps” into place on the existing framework of the ceiling tiles.

. Flat ceiling

LEDSnaps screws up onto the ceiling using small plates supplied. As most ceilings are not 100% flat, we have included a turnbuckle feature that enables you to raise or lower the height of each strip according to your needs.

. Ceiling with infrastructure

If your ceiling has a lot of obstructions, such as A/C ducts or multiple heights and layers, we provide a kit to hang the strips from fixing plates in the ceiling.

. Existing track lighting

LEDSnaps simply “snaps” onto the existing track for fast installation.

Taking Pre-Orders NOW!

LEDSnaps isn’t ready to ship yet but you can pre-order now ready for shipments for the end of August.