The Story LEDSnaps


While attending a spin class back in 2014, LEDSnaps CEO and keen cyclist Ian Kirby couldn’t help but notice how the downlights flashing on and off during the class were failing to add any value to the atmosphere. Being an experienced lighting professionalthis got him thinking.

Soon he set about designing a system that would respond to the BPM of particular class. That system was so well received that today it is used in over 250 gyms in the UK. 

But Ian knew he could take it further with operational simplicity and greatly reduced costs, since the existing system was relatively expensive to buy and install, and also required a fast PC and software. 

When Covid-19 struck and gyms closed, he noticed the greatly increased volume of people out cycling and running near his home. But when gyms reopened in winter and outdoor activity was curtailed, he knew an increase in gym memberships would follow. 

With an immersive lighting system setting the fitness mood and adding atmosphere to classes, leisure and fitness centres would be more likely to retain those new members. Moreover, Ian Kirby recognised that businesses managing to survive the pandemic would be tight on both cash and resources. 

The Solution

Ian set about designing the dynamic new LEDSnaps system with stringent parameters that met all the objectives. This needed to:  

  • Be inexpensive. 
  • Not require a PC. 
  • Be easily installed in a few hours by aelectrician. 
  • Be simple to attach to virtually any ceiling. 
  • Be versatile to use for many different class settings, such as Yoga and Pilates. 
  • Be simple to operate by any fitness instructor. 
  • Be able to have effects updated regularly. 
  • Be easily uninstalled and transferred to new premises. 

Available NOW

The timing is perfect! As we move through 2021, gyms and leisure centres can reasonably expect demand in membership to increase past the traditional post-Christmas January boom. An inexpensive immersive lighting solution will enable both large and smaller bespoke gyms to compete for that membership. 

In 2020, we have dedicated ourselves to the development and manufacture of the system, using top quality components and a highly experienced R&D team to bring LEDSnaps to the market. 

As a result, we now have a fully immersive LEDSnaps system ready to order and ship.

Taking Orders NOW!

LEDSnaps is now ready for shipping.

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