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While attending a spin class back in 2014, LEDSnaps CEO and keen cyclist Ian Kirby couldn’t help but notice how the halogen downlights flashing on and off during the class were failing to add any value to the atmosphere. Being an experienced lighting professionalthis got him thinking.

Soon he set about designing a system that would respond to the BPM of particular class. That system was so well received that today it is used in over 500 gyms in the UK. 

With the reported benefits of Immersive systems proven to add and retain members Ian wondered why more gyms hadn’t invested in the system and assumed this was cost and or operational efficiency.

With his lighting business in lockdown due to Covid Ian and his team set about designing a system that would be a huge improvement over the current lighting offerings. Core to this concept was the ability of the system to just plug together, hang from any ceiling, offer more complex and fun lighting programs, cut supply chain issues by manufacturing in the UK, and save on the cost of installation.

So unique is the concept that the company applied for a Patent in 2021

After 18 months of research and development the system was launched in August 2021 with the first deliveries being supplied in September 2021.

LEDSnaps have just celebrated the production of their 1000th Pace bar and are installed in a diverse number of Gyms from consumers systems in their home gyms right up to multiple room installations in the Corporate Gym world.

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